5 Impressive Subway Tile Laying Ideas

Everyone loves to lay subway tiles in their house. It may look a bit boring but when you add creative patterns, it can bring a new look to your home. In this blog, we will be discussing several innovative ways to lay the subway tile.

Herringbone tile pattern at 90 degrees:
The Herringbone pattern is a classic style and when it is tilted at 90 degrees it gives an impressive look. You can create horizontal and vertical pattern instead of just laying a single large pattern.

Step Ladder:
The stepping stones pattern looks awesome. It is perfect to lay in washrooms or shower rooms. It makes the room look large and open. It is something unique which you would have not seen anywhere.

Classic Subway:
In this pattern, the tiles are stacked somewhat like bricks. The subway tile looked the same at the beginning. Though it is an old pattern, it is preferred by clients to date. To make it more attractive, you can add a warm color combination along with pebble tiles for floor and mosaic tile for the niche.

Geometric look:
It is simple to create. It is designed by adding two horizontal tiles after two vertical tiles. The result is a geometrical pattern. It gives a bold look to the room and at the same time maintains a classic feel.

Stacked vertically:
It is another simple tile design. The tiles are stacked vertically one below the other. As it is a vertical pattern, it gives a classic look to your counters and let the ceilings look taller.

Eric Johnston

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