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5 Impressive Subway Tile Laying Ideas

Everyone loves to lay subway tiles in their house. It may look a bit boring but when you add creative patterns, it can bring a new look to your home. In this blog, we will be discussing several innovative ways to lay the subway tile.

Herringbone tile pattern at 90 degrees:
The Herringbone pattern is a classic style and when it is tilted at 90 degrees it gives an impressive look. You can create horizontal and vertical pattern instead of just laying a single large pattern.

Step Ladder:
The stepping stones pattern looks awesome. It is perfect to lay in washrooms or shower rooms. It makes the room look large and open. It is something unique which you would have not seen anywhere.

Classic Subway:
In this pattern, the tiles are stacked somewhat like bricks. The subway tile looked the same at the beginning. Though it is an old pattern, it is preferred by clients to date. To make it more attractive, you can add a warm color combination along with pebble tiles for floor and mosaic tile for the niche.

Geometric look:
It is simple to create. It is designed by adding two horizontal tiles after two vertical tiles. The result is a geometrical pattern. It gives a bold look to the room and at the same time maintains a classic feel.

Stacked vertically:
It is another simple tile design. The tiles are stacked vertically one below the other. As it is a vertical pattern, it gives a classic look to your counters and let the ceilings look taller.

Surround Tiles

Surround Tiles are used to “square-off” any circular medallion. These can be cut from tiles that we have or from tiles that you provide us. Consider the following when deciding whether or not to purchase surround tiles with your circular medallion:

If you are installing your medallion yourself, you can avoid cutting the complicated curve-cuts that surround your medallion by purchasing our surround tiles.

If you are having an installer install your medallion, you can save labor costs by providing him/her our pre-cut surround tiles.

Our pre-cut surround tiles are cut with water-jet technology providing a superior cut quality.

“STA” and “STB” Style Surround Tiles

Our “STA” and “STB” style surround tiles are most commonly used when our customers want their field tiles to surround the medallion, but do not want their installer to have to make the curve-cuts. We can cut from just about any sized field tile and type of material you send us or you can select from any of our 12″x12″ tiles. We will need to know the grout spacing that you will be using with your field tiles because this slightly affect the cuts that we will be making and will insure perfect alignment of the surround tiles with the rest of your field tiles. The image below shows part of a M003-36-M3M1 medallion surrounded with Type “A” surround (product ID STA-36-108-M1):

Type “STA” surround centers the medallion on the surround tiles grout lines while Type “STB” surround centers the medallion on the surround tiles tile center line. Use our Color Configurator to purchase your surround tiles with your medallion.

“STC” Style Surround

Our “STC” style surround is a more decorative way to “square-off” your circular medallion. “STC” Style surrounds are two colors and include a strip border that effectively “frames” the medallion. The “STC” style surround is a great way to turn any circular medallion into a square one.

Monticello Tile Design’s custom design services

Monticello Tile Design’s custom design services can create just about any medallion, stone rug, border tile or accent tile design with any of our standard material or with material you supply us.

The procedure for pursuing a custom design:

You provide us a description of what you are looking for. Let us know the dimensions and material. If you have your own drawings or sketches, fax or email them to us.

We’ll provide you a proposal with all the pricing information.

If you agree to the proposal, we require a 20% deposit to begin the detailed design work.

Once you approve of the final design, material, and color selection we begin constructing your custom design.

In approximately three weeks, you’ll receive your custom created product!

Use our custom design services to:

Custom size any of our standard designs.

Change the color mapping of any of our standard designs.

Create a fully custom medallion design.

Create a floor medallion version of your company/organization logo.