Surround Tiles

Surround Tiles are used to “square-off” any circular medallion. These can be cut from tiles that we have or from tiles that you provide us. Consider the following when deciding whether or not to purchase surround tiles with your circular medallion:

If you are installing your medallion yourself, you can avoid cutting the complicated curve-cuts that surround your medallion by purchasing our surround tiles.

If you are having an installer install your medallion, you can save labor costs by providing him/her our pre-cut surround tiles.

Our pre-cut surround tiles are cut with water-jet technology providing a superior cut quality.

“STA” and “STB” Style Surround Tiles

Our “STA” and “STB” style surround tiles are most commonly used when our customers want their field tiles to surround the medallion, but do not want their installer to have to make the curve-cuts. We can cut from just about any sized field tile and type of material you send us or you can select from any of our 12″x12″ tiles. We will need to know the grout spacing that you will be using with your field tiles because this slightly affect the cuts that we will be making and will insure perfect alignment of the surround tiles with the rest of your field tiles. The image below shows part of a M003-36-M3M1 medallion surrounded with Type “A” surround (product ID STA-36-108-M1):

Type “STA” surround centers the medallion on the surround tiles grout lines while Type “STB” surround centers the medallion on the surround tiles tile center line. Use our Color Configurator to purchase your surround tiles with your medallion.

“STC” Style Surround

Our “STC” style surround is a more decorative way to “square-off” your circular medallion. “STC” Style surrounds are two colors and include a strip border that effectively “frames” the medallion. The “STC” style surround is a great way to turn any circular medallion into a square one.