DIY Tips For Making A Felt Stone Rugs


A felt stone rug is nothing but a floor covering which looks just like a pebble landscape. It is mostly made up of soft wool and handmade. Create your own felt stone rugs by following the tips mentioned below.

You have to take a bowl with hot water. Mix it with dish soap and agitate it thoroughly. Suds would be created. Use wet felting wool and make it into a ball nearly double the size of the stone rugs that you wish to make.

Now immerse the wool inside the hot soapy water. Allow the wool to get saturated inside the water. Now remove the woolen ball out of the water and allow it cool. You would notice that it starts to shrink. Continue to submerge the wool and cool it until you get the desired size of the stone. Make use of your fingers and shape the wool so that you get the desired shape of the stone. Keep the wool cold as you shape them. Now dry the stone using a towel. Repeat the same process for each stone. If you find any fuzzy pieces of wool trim it and this would give a perfectly smooth finish to your felt stone rug.

Now arrange all the dried stones based on your taste and then fit them together. Make sure you install the stones without any gap. This would give a great look to your flooring.

The ideas give above would help to create your own felt stone rugs based on your needs and taste.